14+ Years Financial Applications Senior Engineer  

HIGHLy experienced in developing secure, scalable banking, financial services enterprise applications for some of the largest banks on wall street


beagles labs, new york and banagalore, India

Senior Financial Applications Architect 8/2014 - Present

  • Consulting Engineer leading Beagles Labs' financial apps development for premium clients like Accenture
  • Built the core product matching algorithm for Beagles Labs client, E-Commerce startup Under 100


Data Sciences Engineer  9/2012 - 8/2014

  • Built all the data algorithms behind Haggle's realtime loyalty marketplace and Haggle's realtime pricing engine for commerce apps.


Senior Engineer and Architect 7/2003 - 12/2014

  • Started as Financial Services Engineer at Polaris and grew to lead the Secure Cloud Systems development team.
  • Ported M&T Bank's legacy data systems into a cloud hosted encypted data architecture.
  • Built universal security and encryption layer for Citibank's Options Management platform
  • Built secure analyst data aggregation platform for Citibank
  • Built actuarial analysis platform for Deutsche Bank
  • Built Polaris's in-house virtual cloud analyst services platform
  • Built threading engine for managing systems performance across several financial applications at Citibank
  • Built Wealth management platform for mid level asset management program at Citibank
  • Built payment systems gateway for Mark & Spencers
  • Built mobile payment gateway for Mark & Spencers

Siemens communication software

Developer 10/2000 - 5/2001

  • Part of the team that built Siemens' Global Network Monitoring system for 2G Networks


  • Cloud
    • Amazon EC2, Heroku, Google App Engine
    • Scaling and Configuring IBM Business Cloud for Saas
    • Loadbalancing on all popular Cloud platforms
    • Hybrid Clouds for secure enterprise applications
    • Popular CDN platforms like Cloudflare
  • Datastores
    • Google Big Table, MongoDB, SQL Databases, Native Graph Databases
    • Database Virtualization and Security
  • Algorithms
    • Deep knowledge of Crypto and Encryption Algorithms
  • Architecting
    • Modeling software using state machines
  • Programming Languages
    • C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP
    • Several Java and Microsoft Dot Net Frameworks


Post graduate diploma in information systems management

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India 2002/03

Bachelors in COMPuter Science Engineering

BMS COllege of Engineering, Bangalore University 1996/2000

indian national scholar 1994

indian regional math olympiad team member 1995