10+ Years Experience  Cloud and Mobile Apps Architect

Saas, Mobile apps, Cloud and Distributed Computing Architect


Beagles Labs

CTO, Co-Founder 8/2014 - Present

  • Leading product architecture, cloud deployment and mobile app development for projects from Accenture clients 
    • Social Innovations Inc.  - Rich Media based social messaging app and platform
    • Under 100 - Ecommerce, payments and social shopping app and platform

Haggle Inc.

CTO, Co-Founder 8/2012 - 8/2014

  • Single handedly built the entire award winning Haggle iOS app from scratch
  • Led the team that built the Haggle social commerce platform and API leveraging two cloud platforms - AWS and Google App Engine
  • Developed Patent pending commerce user behavior and real time pricing algorithms


Software Architect 1/2010 - 7/2012

  • Managed the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Account
  • Built BCG's Alumni Management and Training Platform using a virtualization and distributed computing system based on Amazon's Elastic Loadbalancing and EC2 instances
  • Reduced costs by 60% for BCG's cloud systems and improved performance of the training system by 333%

BMC Software

Senior Engineering Lead 7/2005 - 7/2008

  • Implemented the first Amazon virtualization sytem in the company
  • Led the core team which built Proactivenet Network Performance and Monitoring Software. This product was instrumental in ProactiveNet's acquisition by BMC Software


  • Cloud
    • Distributed computing using Hadoop and Google's Map Reduct Libraries
    • Amazon EC2 configuration and scaling
    • Amazon's Autoscaling for loadbalancing EC2 instances
    • Google App Engine and Cloud configuration and scaling
    • Digital Ocean SSD-Cloud scaling
  • Datastores
    • NoSQL
    • Distributed databases like MongoDB and Google's BigTable
    • Native Graph databases like Neo4j
  • AI and Self learning systems
    • NLP and Semantic web systems using NLTK and OpenNLP
    • Bayesian and non Bayesian Classification systems
    • Linear and non-linear regression
  • Mobile App Development
    • iOS apps using Objective C, Swift, Cocoa pods
    • Android apps
    • Profiling and distribution systems for mobile apps
  • Algorithms, API and Data Analytics
    • Data mining algorithms for both structured and unstructured data
    • API development for social, mobile and commerce data platforms
    • RESTful API
    • Security and encryption algorithms
  • Architecting
    • Modeling software using state machines
    • UML
    • Architecture evaluation using tradeoff analysis
  • Programming Languages
    • Polyglot well versed in C++, Objective C, Java, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails


Masters in Software Engineering

Carnegie mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 2008/09

Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering

Visveswaraiah Technological University, Bangalore India 2001/05


  • Won an award at Sequoia hack 2013 for building a cloud based virtualized time machine for social networks
  • Won several app awards and recognitions for Haggle app