An Apple a year....

....and everyone perks up to hear. 

Apple had their big event last week where they announced several product news in their usual well rehearsed theatrical performance. 

We haven't played with the iPhone 6, nor have we laid hands on the Apple Watch. So we can't comment on those, expect that we can't wait to have them in our hands...or on our wrists. We want to write about some of the other announcements made by Apple. 

1. Over 1.3 Million Apps

Apple announced that there are now over 1.3 million apps in the app store. You have 20 apps on your home screen and an average user probably uses about 40-50 apps on a regular basis (no matter which smart phone one uses). The apps that you have on your home screen are all Unicorn companies. 

What about the apps that don't make it to your home screen? They can't make a significant ad revenue if they don't have enough eyeballs. We think this will drive more transaction and commerce based business models in the app ecosystem. Businesses that provide security, user loyalty, payment processing, user support and other such services through an API for apps should see increased adoption.

2. Default Apple apps falling behind

Apple prides itself in providing the best user experience. We think they succeed in doing this like no other company in the industry when they combine hardware, software and services. But in just software apps, they fall behind. There is a startup or a large company that makes a better app compared to every single one of the apps that Apple ships on the iPhone. Some that we use on our phones - 

  • Sunrise over Apple calendar
  • Mailbox over Apple Calendar (we have some extra betacoins for the Mailbox mac beta. Ping us if you want one).
  • Evernote over Apple Note
  • Google Maps over Apple Maps
  • Here's a complete list from Digital Trends Link

This ties into the rumor that Apple might acquire Path. Path probably has the best design and user experience among mobile social network/messaging apps, but is struggling for adoption compared to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and other mobile messaging apps.

3. Apple Pay

NFC technology has been around for a while, and has been integrated with phones and payment terminals for a while. But Apple Pay will finally give this payment technology the kind of commercial success that it has lacked with the integration of the fingerprint scanner, and the adoption by several of the popular apps in the Apple ecosystem. Most importantly, Apple is working with the credit card companies and not trying to replace them. 

Unlike several of the payment solutions which try to store the user's data and build seemingly clever business models around the data, Apple has taken a different approach. They don't save the user's data, and focus instead on the security and the user experience.

4. Music Albums delivered right to your phone

Even without making much hype about it, Apple might have just changed the music delivery game. By putting U2's new album directly (and freely) available on iTunes, Apple has created a new model. With their acquisition of Beats, Apple also has access to Beats' superior curation in the music streaming service, and Dr. Dre's knowledge and connection of artists. 

Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Google Play and others have good music businesses and products, but Apple just upped the bar again for all players.

5. Partnership with IBM

Apple didn't announce this at the event, but this is a very significant development. Think of all the enterprise administrators and their apprehension in using Apple or Google platforms, and a lot of the hesitation is due to apps and not devices. With the partnership with IBM, expect to see a whole series of apps for enterprises like banks, transport, consulting, law firms etc. and the enterprise market will be flush with apps.