We believe that anything that is not in a state of unending motion withers and dies. This applies to companies, products, and just about anything else. 

Even after we ship a product, whether it is a product we launch ourselves, or a product we build for a client, we believe in continually improving it. 

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Here are three ways in which we help improve a client's product even after we have shipped it.

1. Best Practices for design and code maintenance

We provide all our clients with a customized set of best practices that we recommend for optimum maintenance of the design and code elements. 

2. Roadmap for design and code improvements

On request, we provide a roadmap to our clients that will help them assess, budget and plan for future releases and iterative improvements to the app/product.

3. Engagement with analytics/customer success teams

We like to have periodic engagement with the analytics/customer success teams of our clients, so we can make recommendations on metrics to track and improvements to make to the app/product based on the data.

Our motto is to put your ideas on wheels, and what good are wheels if the product is not in unending motion?