Most good developers and designers follow methodologies that allow them to build small modules and push them out for feedback on a regular basis. Agile Methodology, Lean Principles - these are all based on the same foundation of small, regular, incremental progress. 

We think the movie "What about Bob" with Bill Murray explains this in the most uncluttered way - 'Baby Steps'. 


We really believe in baby steps and this is our normal process with clients when they want an app or a web product to be developed.


Our whole process is geared towards putting your ideas on wheels by developing the best possible concept, branding, and design and then engineering it into a brilliant web product/mobile app. We break this down into four phases. 


We come up with several concepts and brand themes for your idea based on the product idea, the target user base and the market you want to address. We do two iterations of this with your input and then craft the perfect brand for your idea. 


We sketch the concepts into several wireframes and convert them into an actionable demo, giving you a feel for how the app will look, and what the user interaction will be like. Before we open photoshop to do any designs or start writing a single line of code, we make sure there is complete alignment between your goals and our direction. 

POP app.jpg


Once we all agree on the wireframes and the user flow, we design the whole app experience and show you how exactly how every pixel and interaction will work. 



Only after you've approved the design and the interaction, we write the code. We ship code every week and make small incremental releases every week. You can install these incremental releases on your phone or web browser and see real time progress. 
We keep you engaged with our design and development process at every step. 

It is your idea that we're putting on wheels after all.